Having the right partner for Capital Markets Services can make or break any business. That’s why we rely on 35+ years in the business, bulletproof relationships with the industry’s key players, and a track record of rapid service success to meet all your Backup Servicing needs and performance expectations.

Vervent is an industry leader in providing Capital Markets Services. We have a seasoned team with decades of combined knowledge and vast experience protecting your assets. Vervent is your partner during times of strong performance and when unforeseen challenges happen within your portfolio. We are ready to step in with proven solutions to preserve your investment.

Document Custodial

Vervent offers a comprehensive approach to Document Custodial services that is adapted to today’s quickly evolving technological landscape. Our fully-secure digital environment and protected physical storage spaces are designed to store and protect critical documents throughout their entire lifecycle. We maintain the authenticity of original documents, the identity of signatories, and the integrity of the content. Our top priority is safeguarding our clients’ documents and critical information.

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Our sophisticated approach to contract verification, combines agile and seamless verification with world-class service and digital technology. With our proprietary algorithms and proven process, we can develop large-scale, bespoke solutions for our clients to verify the consumer loan contracts are accurate, complete, and meet the criteria for the funding program.

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Calculation Agent – Reporting, Analytics, Automation

Vervent’s Calculation Agent integrates and automates data operations throughout the life of asset-backed financing, across all stakeholders. Move away from manual processes and experience a new speed of service.

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