Having the right partner for Backup Servicing can make or break any business. That’s why we rely on 35+ years in the business, bulletproof relationships with the industry’s key players, and a penchant for rapid service success to meet all your backup servicing needs and performance expectations.

Warm Backup
  • With Warm Backup Vervent ensures the security of having an experienced primary servicer available for successor servicing.
  • Delivers monthly confirmation of backup reporting
  • Delivers reconciliation requirements
  • Analyzes loan data on a regular cadence to ensure validation & reconciliation that data matches primary servicer
  • Preserves operational capacity to match the servicing needs of the portfolio
  • Ensures Vervent is ready to graduate to Hot Backup if additional portfolio concerns arise or assume the role of primary servicer within ~30 days
Hot Backup
  • With Hot Backup Vervent is essentially servicing the portfolio behind the scenes so that they can take over as the successor at any time.
  • Runs parallel with the primary servicer

  • Duplicates primary servicer’s processes, to be able to duplicate results should the need arise

  • Includes nightly payment files & payment posting in our test environment

  • Offers daily validation & reconciliation to ensure Vervent data is an EXACT match to primary servicer

  • We do everything except contact the borrower


Learn the six key qualities to look for when choosing a backup servicer.


Backup servicing provides insurance and security on your portfolio to ensure your investment remains stable in the event your primary servicer fails.

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