Accelerate your business and maximize growth with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. With 35+ years in the industry, we’ve refined our expertise and cutting-edge technology to meticulously assess, implement, and execute every facet of your service and support needs. As an industry leader, we continue to set the bar higher for support solutions, giving you measurable results and driving your business growth with speed and precision.

Our cutting-edge primary loan servicing is designed to drive your business forward, faster.
We help you maximize returns on consumer and commercial portfolios with our
unwavering commitment to speed, precision, and service, combined with progressive
contact center technology and platform-wide artificial intelligence.

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We service billions in assets with precision and speed. As the expert in this complicated space,
we specialize in handling the unique support needs for lessors. Our cradle-to-grave Lease
Servicing covers all the specific requirements of accounting, reporting, collateral, insurance,
and taxes so that you don’t have to.

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Top-level customer service is essential to maintaining and growing your business. With dedicated
bi-lingual and bi-cultural agents using our platform-agnostic solutions, we integrate seamlessly
into your brand to connect with customers. Armed with progressive technology, bespoke training
and an accelerated service philosophy, we deliver powerful omnichannel solutions that
consistently outperform and outpace the competition.

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Having the right partner for Backup Servicing can make or break any business.
That’s why we rely on 35+ years in the business, bulletproof relationships with the
industry’s key players, and a penchant for rapid service success to meet all your
backup servicing needs and performance expectations.

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Vervent is an industry leader in providing Capital Markets Services. We have a seasoned team with decades
of combined knowledge and vast experience protecting your assets. Vervent is your partner during times of
strong performance and when unforeseen challenges happen within your portfolio.

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Did you know Vervent specializes
in Auto Servicing?

With our unparalleled commitment and decades of experience to
top-flight customer service, collateral, title, and collections
management Vervent can help you maximize returns for your
auto portfolio.

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Compliance &

Managing highly sensitive and confidential information requires a protocol that’s innovation-forward and hedged against risk. From compliance to technology, we create the standard for navigating highly regulated industries. 

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Across All Asset Classes

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