Credit Card

With decades of deep servicing experience under the Total Card brand, the Vervent Card team has the knowledge and organizational systems to grow your revolving credit portfolio.

Currently servicing more than one million active accounts, our comprehensive hands-on approach includes back-office administration and customer-facing support for everything from application processing to account close outs.

Highly trained agents handle customer correspondence as a seamless extension of your business at every step of the credit cycle. Our agents also participate in regular brand and compliance trainings to ensure operational accuracy and minimize potential risk.

Credit Card Servicing
Credit Card Servicing Illustration

The Support You Need

  • Pre-arbitration and arbitration
  • Pre-compliance and compliance
  • Bankruptcy processing
  • Deceased processing
  • SCRA processing
  • Debt management processing
  • Application processing
  • Letter processing
  • Fraud detection monitoring and investigations
  • Lost or stolen card replacement
  • Dispute or chargeback processing
  • Exception chargeback processing

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