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Vervent provides a fully electronic environment to store and protect critical documents through their lifecycle – one that meets the highest security and compliance standards. We maintain the authenticity of original documents, the identity of the signatories, and the integrity of the content to safeguard our client’s documents and give them peace of mind knowing their files are protected.


Our sophisticated approach to contract verification combines agile and seamless verification with world-class service and digital technology. With our proprietary algorithms and proven process, we can develop large-scale, bespoke solutions for our clients to verify that consumer loan contracts are accurate, complete, and meet the criteria for the funding program.

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Structured Settlements

Structured settlements don’t just represent a payment schedule – they are the result of years of negotiation. Vervent’s expertise in this niche industry makes us well-equipped to handle the nuances of structured settlement servicing. Our team is skilled in navigating complex and highly regulated industries and capable of meeting your unique needs. Our strict compliance protocols and adherence to industry regulations help to safeguard your business.

Document Custodial

Vervent offers a comprehensive approach to Document Custodial services that is adapted to today’s quickly evolving technological landscape. Our fully-secure digital environment and protected physical storage spaces are designed to store and protect critical documents throughout their entire lifecycle. We maintain the authenticity of original documents, the identity of signatories, and the integrity of the content. Our top priority is safeguarding our clients’ documents and
critical information.

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Transition Manager

Vervent’s Transition Manager Services provide an extra layer of insurance and security for your portfolio, ensuring your investment remains stable in the event your primary servicer fails. Whether onboarding as the successor servicer, winding down your portfolio, or engaging a new servicer on your behalf is the correct solution for your business, Vervent offers on-demand scalability. In the case of a trigger event, we also offer powerful business management tools, proven data security and data transfer protocols, technology-forward platforms, and the experienced staff needed to service, transfer, or liquidate
your business.

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