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At Vervent, we leverage deep servicing expertise, unmatched focus, and commitment to service to manage a multitude of loan and lease portfolios across and managed services across all asset classes. With experienced agents and six geo-diverse Contact Centers, our highly trained team delivers exceptional service solutions designed to meet your unique business needs. Our Goal: To provide custom 24/7 support to drive your business forward, faster.


Vervent has decades of experience in Loan, Lease, and Capital Markets Services. Our unparalleled commitment to top-flight customer service and full collateral and title management helps you maximize returns for your auto portfolio.

Vervent’s comprehensive lifecycle coverage extends from origination to repossession, and we offer a range of tailored solutions for end-to-end support, including robust compliance monitoring. Whether you’re looking to optimize your conversions, streamline servicing operations, or improve collections, our specialists are skilled at helping meet your objectives.

  • Title & Fleet Management
  • Robust Compliance Risk Mitigation
  • Powerful Real-Time Online Reporting
  • Establishing Processing and Support Parameters

  • Recovery, Repossession & Remarketing


With years of experience in the Automotive/Powersport loan and lease servicing industry, TommyJoe, better known as TJ, possesses the skills and expertise necessary to help you work with our team to maximize the value and returns of portfolios. With a history of success and a comprehensive understanding of the industry, TJ consistently delivers exceptional results.

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Meet Chris Schuler


With over 30 years working in complex financial segments including a specialty in collections, Chris brings superior insight to servicing Solar, Home Improvement, Equipment Financing, and Commercial leases and loans. His deep understanding of these specialized sectors makes him a valuable asset in optimizing solutions and finding ways to increase performance across portfolios.

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Vervent has a strong track record of delivering portfolio, managed servicing and backup servicing to the two largest lenders in the Solar & Home Improvement industry, whose portfolios comprise over $20 billion in assets. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to accelerate your business and maximize growth, increasing the value of your solar, home improvement, and HVAC loan portfolios.


Servicing and managing commercial Loans and Leases requires detailed knowledge and skill in navigating complex processes, tricky compliance management, and complex accounting and reporting requirements. Vervent’s long history of success in the commercial lending industry speaks for itself. We deliver top compliance and security standards, expert tax management process, and have strong relationships with respected commercial finance and leasing companies make us the ideal partner to manage your portfolios in this sector.


Vervent understands the unique demands of equipment financing and brings a wealth of expertise in servicing loans and leases within this asset class. Our history and experience distinguishes us from the competition and enables us to help you expertly accelerate your portfolio performance.


Vervent expertly manages your student loan portfolio with progressive call technology, platform-wide artificial intelligence, and unparalleled commitment to speed, scalability, and service. Our team is skilled in managing all your servicing needs across this highly regulated asset class for private student loan programs working with profit and not-for-profit schools.

Our skill, expertise, and precision make us your ideal partner for optimizing your student loan portfolio and driving business growth.

We offer:

  • Robust servicing infrastructure to maximize returns on your portfolio
  • Powerful voice and nonvoice omnichannel communication strategies
  • Versatile, custom reporting tools & business intelligence support


Vervent’s expertise in this niche industry makes us well-equipped to handle the nuances of structured settlement servicing. Our team is skilled in navigating complex and highly regulated industries and capable of meeting your unique needs.

In industries with high levels of regulation and fraud risk, specialized support is critical. Our strict compliance protocols and adherence to industry regulations help to safeguard your business.

meet juliellen deluca


Julie’s extensive knowledge, industry connections, and proven track record of delivering rapid service success make her skilled in maximizing portfolio returns. As an authority in highly regulated, complex industries, Julie has specialized expertise across Capital Markets Services as well as in diverse asset classes, including Student Loans, Structured Settlements, and Premium Finance.

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meet paul


Paul’s 30+ years of expertise in the highly regulated credit card industry enables him to help create custom card program or card support that is right for your business. Whether accelerating your portfolio growth through our suite of solutions covering servicing, marketing, customer acquisition, application processing, or helping create a full card program build, Paul has the knowledge and connections to help deliver a win.

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With a focus on innovation and precision, we utilize progressive technology, versatile servicing platforms, and extensive industry experience to deliver unmatched credit card program builds and servicing solutions. Our customizable products are designed to provide comprehensive servicing and management across the entire credit lifecycle.

Full Turnkey Card Servicing Solutions:

  • IVR Management
  • Live Agents
  • Disputes and Charge Back Management
  • Fraud Monitoring and Investigative Support
  • Collections Expertise
  • Full Back Office & Contact Center Solutions

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