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Vervent Card offers a full suite of credit card program solutions to keep your institution on the cutting edge. With decades in the credit industry and state-of-the-art operations centers providing top-flight support, we have the experience and resources necessary to manage your revolving credit portfolio.

Vervent Card Offers a Full Suite of Credit Card Program Solutions

We leverage progressive technology, a versatile servicing platform, and extensive experience to deliver unmatched levels of credit card servicing and acquisition for customizable products across the credit lifecycle.

Credit Card Servicing

With decades of deep servicing experience, the Vervent Card team has the knowledge and organizational systems to grow your credit portfolio.

Card Marketing & Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is critical to the growth of any portfolio. That's why we customize marketing solutions specific to your brand and target audience.

Application Processing

Our behind-the-scenes operations are a well-oiled machine, allowing us to process new applications faster and more efficiently than the competition.

Credit Product Expertise

  • Mastercard/Visa Credit Products
  • Revolving Credit Programs
  • Specialized Credit Card Customer Service Solutions
  • Retail Private-Label Products
  • Transaction Support Services
  • Customized Marketing and Acquisition Programs
  • Comprehensive Card Program Management

For all Vervent Card services, we take a consultative approach to our partnerships to deliver ongoing support for long-term success. Through consultation and collaboration, we can guide you to the products and services that will have the greatest impact on your ROI.

Comprehensive Credit Card Servicing

  • Scorecard Setup and Application Processing
  • Card Program Management
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Transaction Support Services
  • Customer Acquisition and Card Marketing
  • Settlement
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance Oversight
  • In-Depth Portfolio Reporting
  • Consultative Support
  • Check Verification and Lockbox Support

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