San Diego Business Journal Recognizes Vervent’s Jannet Zamora as a Top Latino Leader of Influence - Vervent

San Diego Business Journal Recognizes Vervent’s Jannet Zamora as a Top Latino Leader of Influence

San Diego, California –  The award recognizes the top 50 most influential executives in San Diego county.

Vervent, a leader in the servicing and credit card industries, announced today that Jannet Zamora, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and COO Vervent Philippines, has been named one of the Top 50 Latino Leaders of Influence 2023 by the San Diego Business Journal and the San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Zamora was honored during a ceremony held at The University Club in San Diego on October 2, 2023.

With over 25 years of experience in building high-performing teams and delivering best-in-class results, Jannet has revolutionized Vervent’s servicing operations to offer clients and their customers effective, proactive service. As the SVP of Global Operations, she has successfully led Vervent’s global operations team and custom built six state-of the art operations centers, including an 1,100-seat nearshore servicing center that has created over 650 jobs in the Tijuana community.

Zamora’s strategic vision and ability to identify the unique needs of Vervent’s client base have been instrumental in driving Vervent’s growth and service excellence.

She has utilized tools like artificial intelligence to implement speech analytics, a groundbreaking technology to monitor and analyze 100% of service calls across Vervent’s global organization, and better ensure quality & performance, drive optimization, and improve best practices for live calls and agent training.

“I am honored and humbled to receive this recognition from the San Diego Business Journal. This award is a testament to the perseverance and hard work of Vervent’s entire team and deepens my commitment to continuing to use my platform to inspire, mentor, and uplift aspiring Latino leaders on the Vervent team and beyond,” says Zamora.

Jannet’s impact extends to expanding Vervent’s business across the San Diego/Tijuana metro area, opening career and advancement opportunities for Latino team members on both sides of the border. Under her stewardship, she has added more than 30 key managerial or directorial positions that are Latino-staffed, as well as expanded the footprint of female leadership – Latino and other ethnicities – across Vervent.

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