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How Vervent is Recruiting During COVID-19

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Vervent takes the health and safety of its employees and applicants very seriously. Because of COVID-19, we’ve altered our recruiting process to be completely virtual. Recruiter Garrett Ortega explains what candidates can expect.

First, thanks for your interest in learning how to better navigate the new normal when it comes to applying for a new job. Doing your research, being adaptable and proactive are great first steps, so you are off to a good start.

Application and Phone Screen

The application and phone screen parts of the process remain the same as they have always been. Applicants submit applications online through or after connecting with us on our official Facebook recruiting channel, Vervent Jobs. We review all submitted resumes, and if we think there is a potential fit someone from the recruiting team will reach out to schedule a phone screen to further discuss the position.

The phone screen is a chance for you to sell me on your unique qualities that make you a good candidate for the position. This is also when I’ll tell an applicant about the all of the health and safety precautions Vervent has implemented in our operations centers as part of the new normal. It’s important for me that candidates know what to expect regarding their work environment, the interview process and onboard training should they be extended an offer of employment.

Virtual Interviews

The next step – interviews – is where we see the biggest change. To abide by our current no-visitors policy, all in-person interviews have been replaced with video conferences. We will set up a series of these for you to interview with all the stakeholders and hiring managers that are decision makers for the open position. It can be easy to relax in the comfort of your own home, but I encourage applicants to take video interviews just as seriously as they would an in-person meeting. Dress professionally, carefully select where you will conduct the video call to ensure that the background is as professional as possible, and ensure you have a quiet place where you can focus on making your best impression. Also do a trial run to make sure your video and audio are working properly, as there is nothing more frustrating for everyone involved than technical issues.

Communicating the Final Decision

Once video interviews have been conducted, the hiring mangers inform my team of their decision, and we proceed with informing applicants of their status. If an offer letter is extended, all documents are signed virtually and, background and reference checks are executed. After a candidate clears all pre-employment screenings—which can take up to two weeks—they will report to the office as scheduled for their first day of training as a new employee.

It’s quite different to have your first day be the first time you meet your manager and co-workers in person, but if you make the effort during your phone and video interviews your personality and qualifications will still shine through. Plus, you will have confidence knowing that this is the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy while also maintaining a quality interview process.

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