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Why The Location of Your Call Center Matters

Why The Location of Your Call Center Matters

Location, location, location. It’s the biggest buzz word in real estate, but it’s also crucial to the success of your business, no matter what industry you’re in. The location of your call center can have an impact on everything from the quality of your service to your bottom line.

Number of Call Center Locations

The first key point to consider is the degree of risk incurred by having only one location from which to operate. What happens to your operations in the event of a natural disaster? With a power or internet outage? Or with unprecedented reaction to pandemics like COVID-19? With just one location, your customer service could be eradicated or suffer significant down time by an unforeseen event.

Vervent has four strategically located operations centers that offer 99.9% uptime. Geo-redundant environments in Baja California, two in San Diego, and Portland, Oregon work together to support your business, no matter where you are headquartered. These handpicked locations, which are already disaster-averse for many weather and nature-related issues like blizzards, hurricanes, floods and tornados, offer your customers extended hours, bi-lingual agents and diverse recruiting pools that can support a variety of industry specialties. And because our solutions are spread across multiple locations, they can be adjusted from region to region to keep servicing your customers in the event of an emergency.

Scalability & Staffing Impact

Scalability is a key factor for determining the location of you call center for two reasons: physical facilities and staffing. While dense metropolitan areas are often financial hubs ripe for conducting your business’ core operations, there are many economic and logistical setbacks to housing your customer support there. Skyrocketing property values make it extremely expensive to build and operate in these areas. In addition, it simply may not be possible to build or expand due to low real estate inventory or inaccessibility because of traffic or location within the geographic area.

From a staffing perspective, the concerns are similar. You cannot run successful customer service without well-trained agents. Your operations center’s location must be in a region rich with qualified candidates seeking professional opportunities. This means access to multiple levels of experience and education and enough other business and educational institutions available to help ensure both. Vervent’s geographically diverse locations paired with an expertise in recruiting ensure that your solution will be staffed effectively.

For example:

Vervent is headquartered in San Diego, but we offer two operations centers there to take advantage of county-wide candidates. Vervent San Diego houses a 100-seat state-of-the-art operations center along with our primary corporate staff, while Vervent Convoy takes advantage of different freeway arteries to offer a 250-seat capacity center that provides a better commute for East and South county talent.

Vervent Portland is the center of our non-voice operations and specializes in our tax, lottery and structured settlements businesses. It also has a 100+ seat-capacity call center, offers an excellent pool of candidates with technology experience and focuses strongly on commercial lease servicing.

Located just 10 minutes across the border from San Diego, Vervent Baja’s 1,100-seat operations center was specifically designed to with scalability in mind so we can support your business growth when you need it. In addition to size, technology, versatility and best-in-class recruiting are standout features of Vervent Baja. Built specifically for Vervent, this is the only Morningstar Credit Rated operations center in Baja California. This location offers access to experienced service agents as Tijuana is a prime call center location and has recruiting funnels into three large, reputable local universities. Our Vervent Baja agents are bilingual with American English and Spanish, and there is added economic advantage with the same service levels by being located in Mexico.

Determine Location Value

The local economics of the area you select will have an effect on the overall cost of your operations, as the price of everything from rent and utilities to labor and technology differ from region to region. When evaluating where to station your call center, remember that cutting corners on facilities, equipment and/or staffing may sacrifice the quality of service you provide your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line. Data from Bain & Company shows that companies with a strong customer experience mindset drive higher revenues by 4-8%.

Whether you are looking for a highly scalable, economically advantageous option for a relatively simple service campaign, an expert solution for a complex lease portfolio or the insurance of a steadfast partner to back up your portfolio, Vervent can help.

Operations Centers vs. Call Centers

Additionally, Vervent offers operations centers as opposed to simple call centers. In each of our locations there are multiple business functions running, management on site, custom training centers by location, and well-informed employees who deeply understand our business, your business and your customers. Built from the ground up with cutting-edge technology, optimized data and physical security and platform-wide artificial intelligence, we are so much more than just people who answer the phone and take pride in being true partners in your service, growth and success. This is the kind of service that just doesn’t happen in any ‘call center,’ it takes a fundamental understanding of business, management oversight, dedication and experience to achieve.

Vervent’s state-of-the-art operations centers offer top-notch service from highly trained agents with an average customer satisfaction rating of 96% across all clients and campaigns, industry-leading technology and premium security from a Morningstar-ranked, PCI certified, HIPAA/HITECH compliance and the know-how to quickly deliver results. We have proven, turnkey solutions for loan, lease, backup and customer service across a variety of industries. With private-labeling and bespoke training, your customers will build meaningful connections with your brand while getting the expert service they deserve.


At Vervent, we service billions in assets – across a variety of asset classes and product types – with precision and speed. We’ve spent years developing proven commercial leasing processes to handle the nuances of the accounting, reporting, collateral, insurance and tax components so you don’t have to.

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