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MRV Banks & Vervent Launch The REVVI Card

San Diego, California Vervent is proud to announce the launch of MRV Banks all new Revvi card. Vervent helped bring this great new credit card to the market as the full-service credit card program management partner for MRV Banks.

The Revvi card is designed for sub-prime customers who are looking for the perfect credit card but have not-so-perfect credit. Vervent partnered with MRV Banks on the Revvi concept, guiding program development, underwriting & risk modeling, design & full implementation. With a successful launch now accomplished, Vervent will continue to support MRV Banks with card marketing & acquisition, application processing and turnkey credit card servicing.

“We’re excited about the launch of Revvi as our first project with MRV Banks,” said David Johnson, Vervent CEO & Founder. “Revvi provides a credit option for underserved sub-prime customers and is a product we are proud to be a part of.” Joseph Noe, President of Vervent Card, added, “Revvi is an important milestone for our company. It demonstrated our ability to bring a new credit card product to market faster than ever before, leveraging the full resources of Vervent and its prior acquisitions.”

“We are proud to bring the Revvi Card to market to offer a solid card option for sub-prime customers in need of credit. Partnering with Vervent was essential in bringing the Revvi Card to market, and the result our two companies were able to deliver together ensures we will continue to work together successfully in the future,” said Greg Luehmann, President of Card Services at MRV Banks.

To learn more or discuss a credit card program with the Vervent team, please email [email protected]. For more on Revvi, visit

About MRV Banks:

MRV Banks is a locally owned, independent bank dedicated to serving consumers and small businesses throughout Missouri and beyond. Since our beginnings in 2007, we have been providing the best products and services for our customers while supporting the communities in which we work and live. We take pride in our personal approach to banking and helping our clients make the best financial decisions possible.

MRV Banks has a reputation of delivering premium banking products and services to our consumers and businesses. To discuss how we can support your banking needs, please contact us today at [email protected] or visit

About Vervent:

Vervent sets the global standard for outperformance by delivering superior expertise, future-built technology, and meaningful services. We support our industry-leading partners with primary strategic services including Loan & Lease Servicing, Credit Card Servicing, Backup Servicing/Capital Markets Support, Call Center Services, and Card Marketing & Customer Acquisition.

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