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First Associates Honored as One of the Nine Best San Diego Workplace Environments

First Associates is pleased to announce that they were selected by Comparably as one of the nine best San Diego area companies with great workplace environments. With a new state-of-the-art headquarters in San Diego and continued expansion of their Baja California Facility, First Associates has been investing in improving facilities for staff and clients. They’ve also added many perks to reward employees like generous incentive compensation, free drinks in office, wellness programs, gym access, sports/race sponsorship and regular company events & outings.

“First Associates has great people who work hard to deliver success for our clients,” said David Johnson, CEO. “We are committed to creating positive work environments for our teams and to keeping & attracting the best talent to support ongoing growth. To have Comparably, and in effect our employees, recognize our efforts is incredibly gratifying.”

First Associates offers a full-spectrum financial services support including:

  • Consumer Loan/Lease Servicing
  • Commercial Loan/Lease Servicing
  • Call Center Services
  • Backup Servicing & Capital Markets Support
  • 3rd Party Collections via their Activate Financial subsidiary

First Associates recently closed a significant investment round from Stone Point Capital. The investment is the culmination of years of partnerships with industry-leading clients, an ongoing commitment to excellence and track record of delivering outstanding growth and performance. With the funding, First Associates also announced they would be combining operations with Portfolio Financial Servicing Company to form a single, world-class financial service company.

To view First Associates’ San Diego headquarters & call center click here.

About the Company:

First Associates offers in-depth industry expertise, cutting-edge technology and provides flexible, scalable and innovative solutions to meet the demands of any company. They are the fastest growing servicer of loan and lease portfolios in the United States and are actively expanding across the globe. First Associates’ best-in-class solutions deliver accelerated performance, enhanced capability & economic advantage.

Press Contact:

Blythe Lawton
VP, Marketing
[email protected]