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It’s next to impossible to fathom how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted your business’ interactions with customers. From changing call content and usage patterns to altering the methods with which you reach customers most effectively, Coronavirus is changing customer service as we know it. And we don’t yet know what the lasting impact will be. The good news is you don’t have to adapt alone. Vervent is here to help.

Maintaining Compliance in Customer Service

Compliance regulations are challenging in the best of times, but with the constantly evolving governmental orders and guidelines resulting from this crisis, they can be nearly impossible to keep on top of without a highly experienced, dedicated team.

Vervent has an entire team devoted to monitoring updates from governments and appropriate regulatory bodies. Our compliance and legal teams diligently ensure compliance at every level to minimize risk on every portfolio, and our customer service agents are regularly trained to adjust any necessary processes to maintain compliance. This is crucial in these unprecedented times, as fines and penalties for noncompliance grow increasingly steeper.

We also address compliance from a staffing perspective to make sure our operations centers stay open to continue servicing your customers during this crisis. Keeping staff safe and keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations issued by health officials and government is a full-time job and one Vervent takes very seriously. From temperature scans to split shifts to increased social distancing we have the space and the dedication to do what is right to keep our team healthy, maintain the highest disease prevention protocols and keep your service turned on.

This dedication to accuracy and excellence is baked into the core of Vervent. We are the only company in our class for the third consecutive year to receive a Morningstar MOR ABS1 ranking with a forecast of “stable’’ – the highest certification available for operational risk management and overall excellence. During this time, that level of preparation comes in handy.

Bespoke Training on Your Brand

Communicating with your customers likely looks different now than during your regular flow of business. Vervent offers experienced, proactive support for any industry with bespoke training programs to get agents up to speed on your operations. Our skilled, professional agents use cutting-edge technology to manage solutions and communicate with customers on their preferred channels. Our management platform uses artificial intelligence to record, monitor and analyze 100% of calls in real-time and includes emotional monitoring, which is of great benefit now when emotions are running high, stress levels are up and customers need extra attention.

As updates and changes occur with your business, we have the training infrastructure to swiftly adapt how your dedicated agents interact with customers—all with superior regulatory and compliance controls to minimize your risk. With four operations centers, including the newly open Vervent Convoy, we have solutions that can scale with your business needs as COVID-19 changes the business landscape.

Reach Customers Accurately

Customer behavior is changing because of COVID-19 in both expected and unexpected ways, and service providers need to adapt. As behavior patterns change, so do preferred communication methods. Vervent’s omnichannel solutions effectively reach customers on their preferred channels. Our American English and Spanish bi-lingual and bi-cultural agents also provide service in your customers preferred language, which is an even greater comfort during difficult times.

This is also a time to rely heavily on the element of human connection that high-quality live agents offer. Prior to the pandemic, customers had high expectations for customer service: According to McKinsey, three-quarters of online customers expect help within five minutes. Forbes reports that 98% of customers would rather speak to a live agent than a recording, and Harris Interactive asserts that 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent. While the Coronavirus is resulting in unpredictable volumes of communications, it presents the opportunity for live agents to build meaningful connections with your customers with the service they deserve.

The Vervent Advantage

Our Call Center Service agents are available to provide proactive support across a variety of industries. With bespoke training and technologically optimized workflow management alongside our industry-leading compliance protocols, Vervent can service your clients through this pandemic and beyond. We are open and dedicated to helping businesses weather this storm. Contact us today at 888.846.2509 or [email protected] to learn more about our Call Center Services.

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